Full-time mediator with domestic, international and company-community multicultural experience since 2002.


Over 1000 mediators trained in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa. Experience in training users, advisors and referrals.


Support for enabling legal framework, mediation projects and implementation of international standards in the field.


Being a PhD of University of Craiova, author and Wolters Kuwer blog contributor, Adi is often invited to speak at events.

About me

Adi has been gaining experience as mediator since 2002, helping clients from four continents to resolve domestic or international disputes.

Thus, individuals, companies, and lawyers have trusted Adi to successfully design and manage mediation of family, labor, civil or commercial disputes.

At the same time, communities, private organizations, public authorities or governments have entrusted Adi with facilitating complex dialogue processes, with the involvement of multy-parties and stakeholders interested to discuss about the social and environmental impacts of projects funded by international financial institutions.

For more information about Adi's experience, follow this link.

Adi is an IMI Certified Mediator.

Examples of international cases in the accountability space include * Seismic impacts and other E&S concerns of communities regarding the technology of the oil & gas sector; * Air quality impacts of steel companies; * Risk of landslides related to HPP construction works; * Community resettlement related to expansion of mining activities; * Impacts of public transportation projects for pedestrian accessibility.

Adi has trained over 1,000 mediators and mediator trainers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Adi has successfully trained mediation advocates, judges, to refer cases to mediation, and mediation users to ensure an appropriate and constructive framework. Adi's clients usually are international institutions, governments, ministries, or chambers of commerce.

The consulting experience is based on collaboration with the ADR Center in Italy. The compatibility of Adi's mediation practice with the Rome center prompted Adi accept the position of ADR Center International Director. This position came with responsibility of consultancy projects for the development of mediation based on the Italian model and the "two-track" methodology of building sustainable demand and competent supply.

Adi's knowledge, skills and experience were enriched with a taste for research. Having the experience of a failed mediation legislation in Romania, mandatory for the plaintiff before going to court, with a hard and unbalanced sanction of case inadmissibility, Adi's appetite for research concluded in a constitutional law thesis, "Mediation and Access to Justice". This reason and others have prompted Adi to speak at many mediation events.


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Trusted in the middle by individuals, communities, companies, governments and international organizations.


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    The mediation was very useful. Adi is an outstanding professional. He understood our needs and the settlement came naturally. A lot of time and costs were saved.

    Lawyer for an international law firm ~

    Impartiality, proactivity, responsability and procedural fairness are terms that can define Adi's mediation style.

    Representative of a company in a company-community multicultural dialogue space ~


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