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Reflections in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I hope you are fine. Obviously, I write this blog at home, where I am with my family. We are all healthy, but we try to adapt to this situation, to stay isolated to protect ourselves and those around us.

As if the Earth stopped spinning, everyone stopped doing everything and most of all, it is important to limit and stop the spread of the virus, to provide medical care for those in need and to research and test a ...

The roles of the mediator

In spite of efforts over the last 20 years to promote mediation and the roles of the mediator at EU level, mediation is very, very little used. This result is observed even after implementation of large-scale promotion projects and education programs regarding the benefits of mediation for the health of relationships between people, groups, companies, states, and international organizations or for efficient conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Anyone can say, "And so what? And the benefits of healthy eating ...

Mediation without mediator

The good news is that the Romanian Government has taken a step towards availability for dialogue, communication and negotiation by regulating a mediation procedure between tax authorities and taxpayers. The not so good news is that there is no role provided for a mediator in this procedure called mediation, that in fact is negotiation. Once again, for the authorities in 2019, there is no difference between negotiation and mediation, thus regulating a novel mediation model, "mediation without a mediator".

”The ...

Open source public consultation tool to support the development of public policies in the field of mediation

This post was published in cooperation by Constantin Adi Gavrilă and Marin Pădeanu.

With few exceptions, mediation is still used in less than 1% of the cases that are pending in the courts of justice from Romania and of other European Union member states. Public policies and adopted legislative solutions are not capable of generating a culture of dialogue, conflict prevention, or amicable settlement. In this context, the mediation activity is even much less known, respected and widely used ...

Elections for the Romanian Mediation Council 2019-2023

Post published at Kluwer Mediation Blog.

Romanian mediators are called on the 2nd and the 3rd of March 2019 to vote for the election of the members of the Romanian Mediation Council. Nine members and three alternates of the Mediation Council 2019-2023 will be elected for a four-year term by 4821[1] mediators that are authorized for practice in Romania. At the last democratic exercise in 2015, only 2,884 mediators[2] voted out of the total of 6714 ...


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