Adi has served as a mediator in a wide variety of complex cases with the Craiova Pilot Mediation Center since 2002 and as a professional mediator ever since. He has extensive experience in supporting individuals, groups, companies, governments and international organizations in addressing a wide variety of cases, both domestic and international.

Representative domestic cases include:
  * Real estate multi-party case involving banking procedural and methodological updates; 
  * Complex defamation dispute between doctors;
  * High value case regarding determining, valuing, and dividing marital property;
  * Contract dispute case over the cancellation of a purchase agreement.

Adi is also an active mediator in the development space, working with CAO and PCM, the IFC/MIGA (World Bank) and EBRD accountability mechanisms to facilitate dialogue processes between the bank clients and communities concerned about the environmental and social impacts of bank financed projects. Examples of multi-party cases supported by Adi are:
  * Seismic impacts and other E&S concerns of communities regarding the technology of the oil & gas sector;
  * Air quality impacts of steel companies;
  * Risk of landslides related to HPP construction works;
  * Community resettlement related to expansion of mining activities;
  * Impacts of public transportation projects for pedestrian accessibility.


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