Mediation / Mediation

Mediation is a peaceful method to resolve difficult situations, with the involvement of a third neutral party - the mediator - under conditions of neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality and by having the parties’ free consent. Mediation is based on the confidence the parties have in the mediator, as individual able to facilitate the negotiation between each other and support them to solve the conflict, by obtaining a mutually convenient, efficient and sustainable solution. 

Mediators help you speak about your conflict and find an agreement that would meet the needs of all parties.

Mediators do not decide on who is right, they do not judge what happened and do not try to find the guilty. They help the participants to openly discuss the issues and identify their own sustainable solutions. 

  • Mediation is meaningful

During mediation, you are in control. You take the decisions yourself. Mediators do not suggest or impose their own opinions or solutions.

  • Mediation is voluntary

Participants take part in the mediation only if they wish to and can leave the process at any time.

  • Mediation is safe

In order to be able to understand all the consequences of your decisions, and in order to understand and process specialized information, including legal information, it is essential to ensure that you have the support of lawyers and other experts in before, during and after mediation.

  • Mediation is private and confidential

The mediation sessions are not public and nothing of what is said during the mediation can be disclosed, unless agreed otherwise by the parties.

  • Mediation is rapid – time is saved

Mediations can be scheduled in a few days, and the agreement can be found very quickly.

  • Mediation is convenient

The appointments can be done at times that are convenient for all parties involved, including in the afternoon.

  • The parties in conflict are not adversaries

During the mediation, the parties work together towards a unanimously accepted solution.

  • Mediation involves respect

The mediation procedure is performed under conditions of mutual respect. Mediation helps people restore their relationship.

  • Mediation works

Even if you have tried to solve your dispute amicably, and did not succeed, then try mediation.


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