Writing / Publicații

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  • Dec 2016, ”Mediation, access and justice reform”, “Revista IUSTITIA” – Baroul Dolj, Nr 1-2 / 2016, Editura “Universul Juridic”
  • Nov 2015, ”General criteria for Mediation Advocacy international standards”, Revista IUSTITIA” – Baroul Dolj, Editura Universul Juridic 
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  • 2015, ”The right to a fair trial - distinct interpretation from the sense outlined by the art. 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights”, Coautor cu Camelia Gagu PhD, Journal of Law and Administrative Sciences, Special Issue 2015, Petroleum and Gas University Publishing House of Ploieşti; ISSN 2392-8298
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  • 2014, ”How do we consider mediation?”, kluwermediationblog.com (NL), http://kluwermediationblog.com/2014/11/03/how-do-we-consider-mediation/; 
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  • 2014, ”Instruments and legal procedures applicable in cross-border family mediation. Guide for magistrates and other legal practitioners”, Co-author and coordinator. Guide developed under the project “Judicial Intercultural Communication in Family Mediation” funded by EU under JUST/2013/JCIV/AG/4628 and developed by Craiova Court of Appeals
  • 2014, ”Mediation is a possibility”, Co-author with Luminita Trifan, Iustitia Magazine – Dolj Bar Association, Universul Juridic Publishing House
  • 2014, ” Getting the deal through. Mediation 2015”, Co-author România chapter with HE judge Sanda Elena Lungu, Edited by Renate Dendorfer-Ditges și Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Law Bussiness Research (www.lbresearch.com), London UK, ISSN 2051-4697; https://gettingthedealthrough.com/area/54/jurisdiction/73/mediation-2015-romania/
  • Oct 2012, ”EU Mediation Law and Practice”, Co-author Romania chapter with Anca Elisabeta Ciucă, Edited by Giuseppe De Palo and Mary B. Trevor, Oxford University Press
  • Mar 2012, ”The Mediation Center in Craiova, Romania – Beyond Neutrality”, Co-author with Adina Nica, International Judicial Monitor, http://www.judicialmonitor.org 
  • 2012, ”The resolution through mediation of conflicts being in the enforcement phase”, Co-author with Camelia Gagu, Romanian Enforcement Magazine, No. 4 / 2011
  • December 2011 – present, Online, Mediate.Com Author, http://www.mediate.com/ 
  • September 2011 – present, Online, Permanent contributor, Kluwer Mediation Blog (http://kluwermediationblog.com/), Edited by Nadja Alexander and Bill Marsh, Wolters Kluwer Law and Bussiness
  • Sept 2010, Co-author articol, ”In Romania, It’s About Developing a More Constructive Mediation Practice that Works Throughout the Society” with Anca Elisabeta Ciucă, ”Alternatives”, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • 2009, Mediation in what?, Romanian Mediation Magazine nr.1/2009, Consensus Publishing House
  • Nov. 2008, ”Mediation Certification: What Are Some Practitioners Afraid Of?” article co-authored with Kelly Austin, Jeremy Lack, Michael McIlwrath, Judith Meyer, Tina Monberg and Wolf von Kumberg, ”Alternatives”, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
    2007, Co-author, ”Professional mediation training handbook”, with Anca Albici, Mariana Belbiţă, Bogdan Matei, Adina Nica şi Luminiţa Trifan, Consensus Publishing House, Craiova Mediation Center Association
  • Spring 2004, Co-author article, ”Mediation – Romanian style” with Kathleen Patterson,”Alternatives”, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution


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